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Project at a glance

Client: ARUP

Contract type: Supply

Isolation Solution: Building Isolation

Products used: Custom Bolted Connections

Her Majesty’s Theatre:  An Adelaide Festival Centre venue located on
Grote Street. Built in 1913 and originally called the Tivoli, seats over 100 people. Once regarded as the finest theatre in Australia, Her Majesty’s Theatre has been reinvigorated, returning her world class status.

Our specialist team were engaged during the construction phase, due to ongoing changes with the project. Our team also hosted toolbox meetings to train labourers on how to install products and also provided site inspections throughout the project. Embelton unique bolted connections designed for 10 different configurations. In saying that, over 4,000 connections were required. Due to high live loads and wind load
considerations, our team were faced with performance criteria that was
challenging to meet, however successfully met all requirements for this unique project