14 Queens Rd Melbourne, Victoria

Swimming Pool, Floating Floor Isolation

The company spent three months between January and April 2017 designing, manufacturing and overseeing installation of springs to isolate vibration from impacts in the gym, pool and spa.

“It is important, due to the infinity edge on four sides, to ensure the pool is balanced through the careful selection of Embelton springs,” said Mechanical Engineer, Lloyd Cosstick. “Activity in swimming pools, particularly diving, can generate high vibration levels in the pool structure. Unless isolated from the building, swimming pools on the upper levels can be a major source of annoyance to occupants through re-radiated noise.”

Lloyd also said careful design was required when coming up with isolation solutions for the gym floor.

“A system that is appropriate for heavy weights may be inappropriate for cardio areas,” Lloyd said. “In addition, it is important that the system selected does not resonate with the structure. Providing a comfortable space to use with consideration of these constraints can be a challenge.”